The art of perfect writing can be said to continue when doing the literature review. This is the chapter that employs all other materials of research done before you and by the predecessors. The truth is that this chapter should be the simplest to handle within your dissertation. Summary- At times, a professional dissertation chapter one introduction engages the summarized approach to keep the whole chapter simple and comprehensible. It may also give an overview of what to expect in the following Chapter 2 while at the same time giving a summary of the terms via definitions. Hypotheses- This is generally informed by the knowledge acquired during the research.

It is not something you can finish overnight or even in a span of a week. In order to do full justice to this writing assignment, you need to give it the time it deserves. Research Design- From a professionally written dissertation, Chapter one introduction should include three main aspects of the dissertation design. First, it should summarize the type of participants that will be the subject of focus.

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